Giới thiệu về dầu nhớt Bardahl số 1 của Mỹ

  • North America

    At Bardahl, we are the leader throughout the world in the additives and lubricants industry and this success can only happen when you partner with a leader. Our valuable network of authorized distributors worldwide is in place to provide you with the products and service you deserve.

  • Europe

    Bardahl Europe is a wholly owned division of the Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation. Based in the UK it is responsible for the development of the brand in Europe through contracted distribution in 25 countries. In addition it administers and processes orders, coordinates production and offers both marketing and technical support.

  • Latin America

    Bardahl is without a doubt, market leader in the Latin American region. With more than 50 years presence in the markets, Bardahl has established an efficient and organized distribution network.
    Our distributors provide excellent customer service, product support, and inventory of Bardahl products for local customer needs. We are very proud of our distributor´s professional commitment to provide the very best customer service possible.

  • Asia

    Bardahl Asia Pacific, established in Singapore on 12th Sept. 2006 with the aim of servicing the growing demands in the Asian Pacific region, has achieved significant progress over the years. The brand is now represented from Russia (Far East) in the North to New Zealand in the south. The company has poured in much investment to promote “Bardahl” through sponsorship of races and advertisements.

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